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Increased Performance

Air cooled equipment is extremely sensitive to changes in air flow and ambient temperatures. Global warming, equipment aging and more demanding processes have led to a need for increased performance. The Whizz-Wheel® fan system can increase your performance by up to 30%! We do this by utilizing the high efficiency of our design and fully exploiting plenum recovery. 30-40% more air has huge impact on thermal performance of exisiting coolers. For Air-Fin cooler sites, it is able to remove performace bottlenecks on summer days allowing year-round full production. For Air Cooled Stream Condensers it yields year-round lower turbine pressure and more generator output. Contact Bronswerk® for more information. 


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Reduced Plotspace

In offshore or brownfield applications, plot space is scarce. Which is why the reduction of unit size is a major factor in reducing CAPEX. The Whizz-Wheel® fan system can save up to 30% on plot size, providing size and weight relief for your offshore or brownfield solution. Less weight is particularly important in offshore applications. Every kg on the topsides requires 3-5 kg in the substructure. If taken on board in the early design of a vessel or platform, the savings are enormous. Contact Bronswerk® to find out how you can save CAPEX on your next project. 


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Reduced Noise and Power Consumption

There is no need to choose between less noise or lower power consumption, the Whizz-Wheel® deliveres both simultaneously. How about up to 50% lower power consumption and 20 dB less noise. Sounds too good to be true? Talk to our engineers to find out how we can make it happen. The Whizz-Wheel® design is efficient, bringing down parasitic loads with no strings attached. The Whizz-Wheel® is so silent that motor, transmission and even air flow noise become the dominant factor in noise calculation. This way we can ensure that you have the lowest noise levels, calculated and guaranteed.


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