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A Bronswerk® Innovation

Why You’ll Benefit From Bronswerk®?
Bronswerk® solves heat transfer and fluid-flow problems for over 75 years. We optimize existing processes and supply innovative products and solutions. This allows us to offer our clients the most efficient and advanced solutions.

How Can You Make Your Cooler More Reliable, Efficient And More Productive?
When you install our Whizz-Wheel® fan you will get the most efficient air cooler in the world. New build and Whizz-Wheel® retrofitted air cooled heat exchangers are well known for their increased performance and reliability. At the same time they are much smaller, lighter, combined with being the most silent coolers in the world.

What Does Bronswerk Supply To Have a More Reliable, More Productive And More Silent Air Cooled Heat Exchanger?
Bronswerk’s ability to fulfill your specific need allows your company to become more efficient and more successful. The unique advantages of the 16-blade Whizz-Wheel® design will rise above your expectations. The flexibility in design (6-32ft) allows our Whizz-Wheel® fan to be implemented in almost all your air cooled heat exchangers for both induced and forced draft design, both new and retrofitted.





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Increased Performance

One of Europe's largest refineries was experiencing poor production on hot summer days. After analysis, this was found to be due to a bottleneck in the overhead condenser. A Whizz-Wheel® fan system was designed which matched their installed motor power, required no plant shutdown, and utilized the existing tube bundles. 37% more air flow was the result, allowing full production to be continued all through the summer months. A complete return on investment was achieved within just 40 weeks!


Reduced Plot Space

As an extension to an existing platform in the Gulf of Mexico, strong limitations were placed on plot area and weight on the Air Coolers. Bronswerk designed a Whizz-Wheel® system which was 30% smaller and 10% lighter then the next alternative. To quote the project manager: 'Without the Whizz-Wheel® we could not have executed the project'

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Reduced Noise and Power Consumption

A refinery in a residential area of southern Germany was experiencing serious noise issues. The refinery management was given a choice, reduce the noise output or close down the facility. Bronswerk® replaced 20 fans which allowed the plant to stay open. Sound levels were decreased by 20 dB,  the power consumption decreased by almost 50%, and as a free bonus, cooling capacity increased by 5%!

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Reduced Vibrations in Windy Conditions

A waste to energy plant in the north of The Netherlands is built next to the famous Dutch dikes which hold back the North Sea. Unfortunately the wind does not get blocked by these dikes and would have a major influence on the air cooled condenser installed on site. All Air Cooled Condensers are very sensitive to wind influences which has a considerable effect on the plants performance and its reliability. A Whizz-Wheel® designed Air Cooled Condenser allowed the plant to withstand these high wind speeds while still delivering its much needed performance.

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